Saturday, September 22, 2018

TDCJ Garza East Ceremony by Texas Prison Weddings

Susan and Danon
September 18, 2018
TDCJ Garza E

Susan and I met in a Walmart parking lot on 59 at Airport Blvd for the ride to Beeville.  During the next couple of hours, we talked about Danon, the kids and Life in general.

We stopped at a rest area near Victoria to take a few 'wedding' pictures with bouquets.  This was a first for Texas Prison Weddings but should be a nice addition for our brides.  We hope to make the time leading up to their Memorable Moment as special as possible for our brides.

Our ceremony is not script so it usually includes a few laughs, hugs and kisses but unfortunately when it was over, it was over and Danon was escorted out as we waited in front for the pictures.

The 'wedding' pictures were amazing.  The way the blue flowers show up with the all white clothes and background is stunning.  We have had some beautiful brides in the past three years but the pictures do not usually turn out this awesome.  I am so sorry but as I told the bride, I am in awe because this definitely does not look like it was taken in a prison.

It's not the Venue that makes the Wedding
It's the Love that makes the Marriage