Thursday, July 26, 2018

Texas Prison Wedding delayed at TDCJ Connally

Brianna and Kiedric
July 26, 2018
TDCJ Connally

The bride and I arrived at Connally 30 minutes early.  We were told to come back at 5 minutes til ceremony time.  We waited.

We went back only to be told that they had a power outage and were working with limited power from the generator.  They said we could wait or reschedule.  We waited.

About 30 minutes later, they signaled for us to come in.  Brianna lightheartedly said, "third times' a charm"

Between coming early and the delay due to power outage, Brianna and I waited patiently about an hour.

However when Keidric and Brianna saw each other, it was all forgotten.  Since no one objected, Keidric shared their Memorable Moment and are now man and wife.

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